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Let's hook up with our NEW Eden Hooks. Let's hook up with our NEW Eden Hooks.
Acid Washed Brass

Acid Washed Brass

Our acid washed brass hardware has been designed to patina and evolve over time. These solid brass pieces have been given an acid wash treatment so they will beautifully age but at a much slower rate to raw brass hardware.

The areas of these pieces that are touched will stay lighter, whilst the areas that aren’t will become darker. This is due to oxidising with the natural atmosphere over the years of exposure. Due to this kind of treatment, these pieces can be used in exterior as well as salty areas, which will only further deepen the antique brass look.

Matching to a tap? These pieces have been designed to match back to the following tapware companies raw brass finished taps, as they too will patina over time:

Brodware - Brushed Brass Organic
Astra Walker - Eco Brass
Sussex Taps - Living Brushed Brass
Perin and Rowe - Satin Brass