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Let's hook up with our NEW Eden Hooks. Let's hook up with our NEW Eden Hooks.

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Ascot Knob - Acid Washed Brass:Large:Hepburn Hardware



Our Atticus knobs are particularly popular and it's not hard to see why - they sport a classic shape with a practical concave face that's like a seat for your thumb. They were designed for sophistication...


We created the Bronte collection in-house and are designed to reflect the relaxed Australian style of cabinetry. Suitable for kitchens, bathrooms, wardrobes, pantries as well as integrated fridges or freezers. They can suit both traditional...
Halifax Hooded Cup Pull - Blackest Black:Hepburn Hardware


Inspired by Halifax design, combing the quaint charm of the French Countryside with the coastal elegance of the Eastern Seaboard. The collection includes a knob and cup pull which are both simple yet sophisticated. The Halifax...
Sydney Handle - Burnished Brass:Burnished Brass:Hepburn Hardware


Bamboo Handle - Antique Brass:Hepburn Hardware


Give a nod to nature with our beautiful bamboo handles and t-bars. This range is highly versatile and a unique addition to individual pieces of furniture or fixed drawers and cabinetry in your kitchen, bathroom...
Kew Handle - Acid Washed Brass:128mm:Hepburn Hardware


Taking in a French provincial scene, these handles are designed to emulate this through out your kitchen and bathroom. The finishes will age and patina over time giving you a lived in relaxed look.
Surrey Knob - Acid Washed Brass:Hepburn Hardware


Designed with a modern English countryside kitchen in mind, this range looks like it's been living in a farmhouse for decades. It's smooth simple lines give an easy touch whilst the finishes will patina and...
Highland Cup Pull - Acid Washed Brass:Hepburn Hardware


With a rustic kitchen as inspiration, we created the Highland range to give any space a wood cabin feel. Solid brass and a comfortable grab and finishes that will age and patina over time, these...
Henley Handle - Acid Washed Brass:128mm:Hepburn Hardware


The old world charm and hexagon shape is what gives the Henley range it's striking individuality. Crossing over in to offer bathroom accessories, this range is our broadest offer of hardware and can cover kitchens,...
Leather Handle - Black with Polished Chrome:Hepburn Hardware


Leather is a classic and durable material that adds a stylish textural focal point and can look beautiful in traditional and contemporary homes. Our leather hardware range includes rich brown leather with brass, which complements houses...


Comfortable to touch thanks to a spiralling build, our rope hardware is a relaxing and enticing choice that is versatile to suit many spaces. Particularly popular in coastal areas, our rope selection includes cotton and jute rope,...
Glass Knob - Faceted Black:Hepburn Hardware


Glass hardware is stylish, refined and contemporary. Whether you opt for the glimmer of clear glass or the gloss of opaque glass, this finish has a jewel-like quality that will look great in both modern...
Large House Number - Acid Washed Brass:Hepburn Hardware

House Numbers

Curb appeal is real and our house numbers are here to make that happen. The aged brass finishes will make them look like they're been there for years and will patina to the environment around...